Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Gracyn and Daddy.  As you can tell, she sure loves him.

 We spent an afternoon at the Arboretum with our good friends, Ty and Jacob.

 My sweet girls playing babies.

 College Spirit Day at school - Wreck 'em Tech!  As you can tell, Gracyn is pretty rotten.

 Garrett's backbend

Gaitley's soccer trophy after her last game.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Girls

I love that my girls are so close in age.  They are becoming the best of friends.  Gaitley is so sweet with Gracyn and Gracyn sure looks up to her big sister.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It has  been so long since I have updated my blog.  Sorry! A lot has happened in the last few months.  We recently put our house on the market and two days later it sold! We are currently living in a rental house downtown.  We love this older neighborhood!  We have a huge backyard and a cozy little house. We are hoping to move into our new house at the end of next month.

We took the kids to the State Fair of Texas last week.  We had a great time!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dallas Zoo

My mom and I took the kids to the Dallas Zoo today.  The kids had a great time!  It was pretty hot, so we didn't last too long, but we did see lots of animals while we were there.

 Seeing the giraffes

 Gracyn thought they were pretty neat!

 Gracyn and Elllie with the cheetahs.

 Sweet girl

 Cooling off

 Carousel Rides

Sweet kids being silly

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

How can a whole school year go by so quickly?  It seems like just yesterday that Garrett was a sweet little baby and now he is graduating from kindergarten.  He had a great year and I am so proud of all he has learned and all of his accomplishments.  He had his graduation a few days before the last day of school and it was quite a celebration, with cake and gifts for him and all his classmates.  He had a great kindergarten year and he is ready for first grade.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Party and a Dance Recital

A few weeks ago we had quite a busy and exciting day.  We started out by going over to Dallas for Ellie's 2nd birthday party.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  All the kids loved playing at the park and Garrett was a trooper, broken leg and all.  We had to leave the party a little early and rush home to eat and get Gaitley ready for her first dance recital.  She has been looking forward to this all year.  It was quite a show and she did fantastic.  I was so proud of her!

 Sweet Gracyn in the swing

 Gracyn, Ellie and Gaitley

 Pop and Garrett

 Camille and Scott with the birthday girl

 Dance Recital Time

 So happy!

 She can shake those hips!

 Gaitley got her one year trophy from her wonderful teacher.  She is so proud of that thing.

 Mimi and Pop got to come.  Nanny and Papa were there too, but left before I could get a picture.

Gaitley and Pop

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nebbie Art Show

Garrett loves his art class at school.  The wonderful art teacher put on an art show last week to show off everyone's hard work from throughout the year. It was really quite impressive.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day.  It is not one of those holidays that we really celebrate.  Britt and I usually get each other a card and maybe a little something.  The kids get overloaded with candy at school and everybody is happy.  We do have one tradition that we have been doing since
Garrett was a baby.  We go eat at Chick fil a for dinner.  It is never crowded and the kids have fun playing while Britt and I get a chance to visit.  We finish the evening with ice cream.  It is really the perfect date with kids.

 Gracyn and Emmy did get to Garrett's school Valentine party.  They were very excited!

 Garrett was such a good big brother and shared his candy with Gracyn and Emmy.

 Chick fil a

 My Valentine for the past 17 years.  Wow!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date Night and Fun Stuff

Our church hosted its first Daddy/Daughter date night last Friday evening.  Gaitley was so excited!!  We told her about it a week before and she talked about her date with Daddy all day, every day until it was time for the date.  On Friday she told me she better not eat too much chocolate that day because she didn't want to have a tummy ache on her date.  She also said that she would be back around midnight.  I loved how excited she was!  They had a great time and even had a dance to end the evening.

Gracyn has really been interested in potty training lately.  I hope she is ready.  I have been buying diapers for the last 6 years.

Britt's parents were in town a few weekends ago.  We took Carolyn to the American Girl store and then took the kids ice skating.

Lip suckers from Mimi and Pop.

Daddy/Daughter Date Night