Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Busy Saturday

This weekend started off great!  Garrett had his first t-ball game of the season.  He is on a wonderful team with several of his friends from church.  They are all obsessed with Star Wars, so their team name is the Jedis.  I was very proud of Garrett.  He hit the ball great and played pretty well on defense.  He did get caught kicking the dirt a few times and let a couple of balls go past him.  There were some other boys on his team that were hilarious.  This season is definitely going to be fun!
After the game, we rushed home and ate lunch and then it was time for our second activity.  I was going to take Garrett and Gaitley to a birthday party and let Britt stay home with Gracyn while she napped.  We got about five minutes down the road and Gaitley was already asleep, so I turned around and dropped her off with Britt.  She needed a good nap and I knew she would be cranky if I woke her up.  This was alright with me.  I actually got to sit and relax at the party.  They had a bounce house, so Garrett was happy.
Right after the party we met our Sunday School class out in the country for a bonfire and hayride.  The day was so hot and when we left the house my car still said 85 degrees, but by the time we made it to the bonfire it was freezing.  We all had on shorts so I rushed back home to get some warmer clothes.  Thank goodness I did because we wouldn't have made it very long.  The kids had so much fun running and playing in the country.  Of course, all the boys had their light sabers and played Star Wars.  Garrett enjoyed this much more than the bonfire and hayride.  Gaitley loved the hayride though.  She just kept telling me how much fun she was having.  Gracyn had a great time too.  She got to eat Doritos and Cheetos off of Garrett and Gaitley's plates.  Even though our Saturday was completely full, we had so much fun.  As the kids get older I am guessing we will have a lot more weekends like this one.

 Go Jedis!

 All the Jedi sisters.


 Made it home!

Sunday School class Bonfire 
 Yummy hotdogs!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break in Arkansas

We spent part of our spring break visiting Britt's sister, Misty, and her boys in Arkansas.  Garrett was in heaven!  The boys woke up and hopped on the four wheeler first thing every morning and either went fishing or went to work on their tree house.  I felt like I didn't see Garrett for two full days.  One night Britt took all 5 boys camping at Woolly Hollow State Park.  It was close enough for the girls to drive over for hot dogs and s'mores.  Gaitley was so sad she didn't get to stay and sleep in the tent, but I don't think she would have lasted very long in the dark.  Gaitley and Gracyn loved looking out the window and seeing all the cows and baby calves.  We had a great time and it really made me miss small town life.  Garrett was so sad when we left.  He is already counting down the days until we get to go back.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

So Far Behind

I am so far behind on my blog, so I am just going to skip what has happened during the last two months and just move on to what is going on now.  Spring is here and suddenly we are so busy.  I have spent the last two weeks cleaning out the attic getting ready for a huge consignment sale called Just Between Friends.  It is a lot of work but definitely worth the effort.  My bedroom is a disaster and I am so ready to drop this stuff off and get it organized again.
Garrett has started playing t-ball and I am so excited about it.  I love baseball and hope he sticks with this sport.  He has had two practices and the games start at the end of this month.  So far he has really enjoyed kicking up the dirt and trying to throw the ball over the coach's head, but when he focuses he actually does pretty good.  He is all into rollerblading, skateboarding, riding his bike and just being a boy.  He had a bad wreck on his skateboard last month and one of his top teeth turned gray.  The dentist said it was fine.  I know this is just the beginning of what is to come with my little daredevil.
Gaitley is my little girly girl.  She wants to be decked out from head to toe in jewelry, make-up and fancy clothes.  She could care less about learning how to ride her bike, she just wants to look pretty.  This reminds me a little of her Aunt Cayla.  She is pretty much potty trained and this has been a little more difficult than I expected.  It has taken awhile but I think she finally has the hang of it.  She wore panties to school last week and surprisingly came home with the same clothes on that she went in.
Gracyn is 9 months old and I can't believe it.  She is crawling and cruising all over the place.  She can even stand alone for a few seconds.  She is eating everything and loves any food that I give her.  Right now, her favorites are strawberries and blueberries.  She has learned the phrase "uh-oh" and repeats it all day long.  Her hair is starting to curl in the back and I love it.  She just melts my heart!
My first few months with three kids was crazy and so hard.  Things are so much better these days and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful kids.

Gracyn's 8 Month Picture

 Picture Day at School