Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July

We attended the annual 4th of July parade in Spearman.  The kids always have so much fun and I love being able to catch up with old friends.  We decorated Garrett's scooter and he loved riding it down the street.  He was really wishing he had his bike because it goes so much faster, but we ran out of room and had to settle for the scooter instead.  Gaitley loved playing and getting her face painted.  Gracyn pretty much slept the entire time and was absolutely perfect.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Posts

Scroll down.  I published three new posts.  I am a little behind on my blog.

Trip to Spearman

We loaded up the car last Thursday and made the eight hour drive to Spearman to spend the 4th of July with our families.  The ride there went really well and all the kids did great!  We are a little spoiled when we go see our parents because Britt and I grew up two houses apart and our parents still live there today.  Our kids are able to just run back and forth and spend as much time with each grandparent as they want.  Our weekend was filled with frog catching, fireworks, riding the lawn mower and seeing baby puppies.  The kids had so much fun!  Our trip back to Rockwall was not so successful.  We decided to go a different way and it ended up taking us TEN hours.  We got stuck in traffic on I-35.  I don't think we will go that way ever again.

Gaitley and Mimi watching Garrett catch frogs.

Catching frogs

Got one!

I can't believe my four year old was lighting fireworks.

  My mom's parents with Gaitley and Gracyn.

 Mimi and Gracyn

 Playing with the puppies

Papa and Gaitley riding the lawn mower.

Our last stop on the way home.  You can't drive through Texas and not stop at a Dairy Queen.

One Month Old

I can't believe Gracyn is already one month old.  This last month has gone by so quickly.  It just seems like a blur.  I'm a little sleep deprived but making it.  I had to publish this picture because I wanted everyone to see Gracyn's one month outfit.  You put these stickers on your babies' onesie each month on their birthday.  My sister told me about it and I had to buy them.  I thought it was such a great way to document their growth.  The website is

Swim Lessons

Garrett took swim lessons for two weeks from a lady who teaches at her home.  He learned so much and loved going.  Each day after swim lessons I would ask him what he learned and I was very impressed with what he was telling me.  He knew all the details and could explain it very well.  I could tell his teacher made sure each child listened to what she was telling them.  He even told me he could jump off the board and swim to the other end.  I was not sure if he was telling me the truth but got to see that he was the last day of class.  He got up on the board and showed us.