Sunday, September 11, 2011

Texas Rangers

The whole family enjoyed a day at the Ballpark in Arlington cheering on the Texas Rangers. 

Gaitley had the best seat in the house - on Uncle Lance's shoulders.

 Gracyn really had fun at her first Rangers' game.

 Garrett and Britt - it is very hard to get a decent smile out of Garrett these days.

 Lance and Taleigh

 Gracyn loved watching all the people.

 Family photo

 The girls

 Scott and Camille

Cayla and Gaitley

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flag Football

Garrett had his first flag football game this morning.  He has been wanting to play football since he saw a sign a couple of years ago advertising it.  He knew he had to be five and has been anxiously waiting for this season to get here.  Britt and I hesitated signing him up because of the cost and time commitment, but he absolutely loves it so I am glad we did.  He is playing through the YMCA and plays with boys that go to his school and two other neighborhood schools.  It is a great program and so far we have been pretty impressed.  Our team lost this morning but played really well for their first game.  It is going to be a fun season and we are all looking forward to next Saturday.

 #28 - Garrett is in the orange, closest to us

 Garrett's #1 Fan

 Half-time - he is ready for his first water break

One proud Daddy!