Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So much has happened since my last post.  I don't even know where to start, so I will just put up some pictures and tell little stories along the way.

We tried to squeeze in some of Garrett's favorite things before school started.  He loves to go fishing, so we went up to Allen and went fishing with my brother and his wife.  It was so hot and we didn't have much luck, but the kids loved seeing Lance and Taleigh and running around the park.

My sweet Gaitley turned 3.  We celebrated with a Hello Kitty party with a few of her little friends.

Gracyn loves to read and has become quite attached to her little baby we named Katie.  Here she is sitting in Gaitley's chair with her baby singing Old McDonald had a Farm.

I started keeping another little sweetie about two weeks ago.  Emmy is a few months older than Gracyn and they have become quick friends.  It is going great!  Both babies are on pretty much the same schedule and play pretty well together. We are enjoying breakfast outside before it gets too hot.

This Texas heat is horrible.  We are so ready for fall.  Everytime we go outside we usually end up playing in the water.  It is the only way we can stand being outside.

My baby boy started kindergarten.  He has had a great start and loves his teacher and all the new friends he is making.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kindergarten Luncheon

Our church puts on the best luncheon for the kiddos that are fixing to start kindergarten.  Garrett has been so excited for kindergarten to start, but when it was time to leave for this luncheon he got a little nervous and did not want to go. This is the first time he has acted this way.  I think he felt a little better after it was over and realized it really isn't going to be that bad. We prayed for our kids and the upcoming school year and then practiced going through the lunch line, making choices and carrying the big tray.  The parents were told to step back and let the kids do it all alone.  This was so hard.  I was very afraid he was going to drop his tray and get so embarrassed.  He did great though.  Being the oldest of three, Garrett has really had to grow up and do a lot on his own this year.  I was very proud that he made good food choices and was able to open everything on his tray.  He will probably never eat a meal in the cafeteria, but if he does, this was great practice for him.