Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No More Training Wheels

Making turns
Already doing tricks

We have been trying for months to get Garrett to ride his bike without training wheels, but he just refused to try. He is very stubborn! He has been riding a two-wheel scooter for a couple of months and it has really helped his balance, so we knew he could do it. On Sunday night he decided it was time to give it another shot. I held him up and just let him get the feel for it and Gaitley started to fuss. I told Garrett I was going to run inside and get her paci and put her in the stroller so I could help him. I guess he didn't have time to wait because when I came back he was riding up and down the street. He was hollering for me to come watch and I couldn't believe my eyes. He did it all by himself and didn't need any help from me. He caught on very quickly and is already a pro. He has had only a few minor accidents, but nothing too major. Just think, a year ago he was in a cast with a broken leg and now he is riding with no training wheels.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garrett's First Day of Pre-school

He was so proud of his Spiderman lunchbox.

Garrett's first day of school was today. He goes to Weekday School at First Baptist and absolutely loves it. This is his second year and this is where we go to church, so he is pretty familiar with the place. He is in a class with thirteen other three year-olds and has two fantastic teachers. He was excited to see all of his old friends today and had no problem kissing me goodbye. Gaitley enjoyed walking him to his classroom and I think she was a little sad that he wasn't home to play with her today. His teachers told me he had a great day and he had lots to tell me when I picked him up.