Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Here are some of my favorite photos lately of the kids playing outside. Garrett got a really neat airplane from Papa when we were in Spearman and he loves flying it out front. The gator has always been Garrett's first choice of toys when we go out, but now it has become Gaitley's too. She loves climbing up in it and will just sit and wait until Garrett will take her on a ride. I was a little worried about her falling out but I got the seatbelt so tight I don't think she will budge. Oh and yes, she is only in her diaper and has on her pearls. We were fixing to head down the street for watermelon, so she isn't dressed, but is accessorized.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gaitley is 11 months old

This post is a little late, but Gaitley turned 11 months old on the 11th. She is getting to be such big girl. She started taking steps a few days before her 11 month birthday. She is still not walking all the time, but is getting better every day. She loves to give kisses and clap her hands. We are working on body parts, but the only one she has mastered is her tongue. This should be an easy one for her due to the fact that she sticks it out most of the time. Her vocabulary is also growing. Her list of words includes: mama, dada, ball, bath and baby. I think she also says hello, but not for sure. This of course happens when she is chatting on her cell phone. She always calls daddy. It is so cute!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Red River, New Mexico

My mom and dad

Riding the 4 wheeler

Smith Family Photo

A couple of weekends ago the Smith family went to Red River, New Mexico. We hadn't all been together since Christmas, so it was so nice to see everyone. We all stayed in a condo and it was lots of fun. My siblings might request that the Savages get their own place next year because my children didn't sleep well and kept the entire house up all night. Oh well, I'll remember this when their children are up screaming and mine are sleeping. Garrett absolutely loved Red River. He got to ride four wheelers, swim, slide down a huge slide, ride the chair lift and best of all spend time with his favorite aunts and uncles. Gaitley had a great time too. She also loved all the attention. Spending the weekend together really makes me wish we all lived closer together.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July

Getting ready for the parade
Gaitley and Mimi
Garrett and his cousins, Hayden and Holden

Best Boy Bike - Doesn't he look thrilled?
Trying to get a family photo
Mimi and Pop enjoying dessert while Gaitley is napping.
Look at that swing!
We spent 4th of July in Spearman and had a wonderful time. A family in my parents' neighborhood puts on a parade, games and lunch for all the families that live on that street. It is so much fun. We decorated Garrett's bike and he proudly rode it in the parade. He even won an award for Best Boy Bike. He got a certificate and a two dollar bill. When we asked him what he won he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "just a piece of paper." He was excited anyway and very proud of himself. After the parade the kids played games and then we ate lunch. The excitement was too much for Gaitley and she fell asleep in her stroller about halfway through the morning. Britt's parents live in that neighborhood too, so the whole family was there and Garrett got to spend the day with his cousins from Arkansas. That night we popped fireworks and Britt even let Garrett use a punk and light some of the smaller ones. Garrett told us he loved to crack fire!